Sistem pengenalan wajah pertama di industri yang menggunakan pemosisian subjek berbasis tampilan wajah sekarang menggabungkan sensor TOF untuk deteksi subjek yang lebih cepat dan lebih kuat. Digabungkan dengan algoritme deteksi masker, pengalaman pengguna NF-2 lebih cepat, lebih lancar, dan sangat intuitif.

Spesifikasi Produk

More About NF-2

  • CPU : ARM Cortex Octa-core processor

  • Dimensi : 100 x 200 x 36 mm

  • User Capacity : Maximum 20,000 subjects in 1:N mode (authentication)

  • Log Capacity : 50.000 log

  • RF Module : Mifare card

  • Range : 40 cm to 200 cm

  • Connection : RJ45, RS485, Weigand

  • 5.0 inch (nominal), touch

  • Power : 15v, 2A

The industry’s first face recognition system to employ face display-based subject positioning now incorporates a TOF sensor for even faster and more robust subject detection. Coupled with mask detection, the NF-2 user experience is faster, smoother, and highly intuitive.

  • Two cameras—one in visible and one in NIR—optimize face detection in the lowest of ambient lighting conditions and provide for superior live face detection.
  • Outstanding capture volume allows face recognition at distance range (stand-off) of 0.4 to 2.0 meters
  • Stores up to 20,000 active face templates on-board in 1:N recognition (identification) mode.
  • Typical 0.3 seconds in 1:N authentication mode from time subject is detected for typical data base size of 1,000.