Yu-Sung Tech Indonesia Authorized Distributor for Suprema Access Control & Time Attendance, Linkman Wireless Calling System, Samsung and Evernet Digital Door Lock.

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Sekilas Tentang Kami

Yusung Tech Indonesia is one of the best Korean based technology provider which is famous in Indonesia as the innovative leading technology company based on its extensive service.

Started up 2002 as a trading company
Yu-Sung Tech Indonesia, PT started up as trading company, provided many products for industries in Indonesia. Famous among Korean company operated in Indonesia makes it confident in expanding its business to Indonesia market. Yu-Sung Tech Indonesia also provided many products for manufacturing company Expanding to security solution
Based on Indonesia market at the end of 2002, Yu-Sung Tech Indonesia saw opportunities in the security business. By research, it acknowledged that surveillance tool was the best product which company could provide. At first, it started to distribute its product directly to customer. With outstanding market demand, it expanded its distribution channels through top tier distributor companies in Indonesia. After it had signed deals with various top tier distribution companies, Indonesia started to aware of its security products.

New era of Technology
At the early of 2003 through its distribution channels, Yu-Sung Tech Indonesia started to distribute fingerprint biometric solution, computer peripheral, and other new technology products such as CCTV/DVR, Banking ATM DVR, Wireless Calling System, etc. Only for a short period of time, market started to demand theseChallenging the communication business
Not satisfied with only its main products, Yu- Sung Tech Indonesia is challenged to take business opportunities in communication market. It keeps on expanding its business to fulfill market demand. The vision is to be the best domestic player in technology products provider.

Our Milestone

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